1. CAPACITY LIMIT:   Our employees will limit the number of guests to a maximum of 50 to ensure social distancing.
  2. TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Our employees will be checking all customers temperature with a touchless thermometer prior to admission into our facility. If you are experiencing any cough, fever or other respiratory symptoms, please stay home. 
  3. HAND WASHING OR HAND SANITIZER: Customers will be directed to the hand washing station to wash their hands immediately upon admission to our facility. As an alternative, hand sanitizer will be available. 
  4. ENHANCED CLEANING MEASURES:  We will be doing additional cleaning throughout the facility with a Health Canada approved solution. This will be manually completed until our electrostatic sprayer arrives. 
  5. BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Limiting birthday parties to one party in the facility at a time with breaks between parties for employees to clean and sanitize. 
  6. FOOD & BEVERAGES: We will only be offering bottled beverages and packaged snack items. 
  7. SIGNAGE:  We will have posters to remind customers to wear masks, wash hands and to social distance.